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BrandeWine Music Group is a sole-proprietorship, service business assembled to implement all aspects for Brande Pa’trice, the artist of BrandeWine Entertainment. Brande Pa’trice will be the first artist of Brandewine Music Group. The artist will launch under the direction and management of Brandi Williams, CEO. We plan to develop the artist physically, digitally, and financially. This idea originated from the lack of opportunity in the communities of Memphis, TN to pursue a career in the entertainment commerce. We plan to be high in demand due to the necessity of entertainment industry holding a new and unique artist. In this business, we plan to benefit Brande Pa’trice by providing a job/career in a number of professions. It was designed to facilitate the artist with musical abilities; and soon to bejewel and impress her with high-end clothing line companies through sponsorships; to endow her with the opportunity to perform plays and silver screen projects; to acquire photography for Brande and other establishments/press.

the brande pa'trice collection

Brande Pa’trice Collection is the clothing line inspired by Brandi Williams. The clothing line consists of high-fashion outfits, dance inspired clothing, and luxury (plus-size).

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Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 1.25.31 PM.png

Bad B Certified by Brande Pa'trice is her latest album. This album signifies her growth, trials, and new outlook on her life. The producer, Brandi Williams, has taken the Pop/R&B feel and gravitated to Rap merging the two creating Urban Pop.


Nicki 0-2 | Donna 4-6 | Carey 8-10 | Brande 12-14 | Luxury 1X| Queen Bee 2X | Boss Status 3X


MMDM is an organization that consists of Majorettes joining forces with Drum Majors to motivate and recruit students for higher education, and entertainment. This venture started as a mere audition for Brandi Williams, and resulted as a captivating, yet highly recommended performance duo with Dexter Burton. Performing to the song "Crazy In Love" by Beyoncé Knowles reached the desk of Mathew Knowles, who motivated Brandi Williams with the courage to expand this project. "It was a Superior Job", Knowles stated. Knowles granted Brandi Williams a "Crazy in Love" Music Gratis License to use this song as the duo performs. With Williams and Burton being the greatest in this field of entertainment, they have collaborated and created a world changing experience through Baton Twirling, Dance, and Entertainment. The slogan, "I Mean You Better Hit©, created by Dexter Burton, is the motivating motto. It inspires the group in performances and in their education. Being the best in Drum Majoring/Majorettes and Honorable College Students is an unconquerable force.


The definition of THEBADDESTB is "An unrestricted, unregretful, and throw down of BRANDE'S quality, and passion." Mz. Brande directs her Memphis based sexy, hard hip-hop based music. 

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