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Web Design | Graphic Design | Videography | Photography | 

​​Web Design Consultation $50.00 ​


Basic Flash Website #1 (3-5 pages w/ 10 Pictures) $250.00

(not including domain name) ​


Basic Flash/HTMLWebsite #2 (5-7 pages w/ 20 Pictures) $500.00

(not including domain name)


Flash/HTML Website Multimedia Package #1 (7-9 pages, includes 2 Videos + 20 pictures) $750.00

(not including domain name)​​​​


Flash Website Multimedia Package #2 (9-11 pages ) $1000.00

(not including domain name)​​


Flash Website Multimedia Package #3 (Options: E-Store, Paypal, Includes Links + Pictures, $1500.00

(not including domain name)​​


Optional Cost:

  • All Access Cost: $25.00

  • Mobile Site: $25.00

  • Domain: Must be purchased with Personal Credit Card separately.

  • Domain Setup (Yahoo! Small Business Only)- $40.00

  • Domain Setup #2- $20.00 ( Previously Purchased Domain)


*Monthly Storage fee $35.00

**Maintenance Fee $35.00

***E-Commerce Package $300.00 additional fee (Wix Fee)

**Separate cost. (example, if you need monthly storage through BWE and maintenance, the cost will be the storage fee plus maintenance. If there is no need for storage, you will be given the site and BWE will conduct no maintenance.


All photos and music must be digital on a USB Drive. All Video/Movies must be original and owned by customer, and able to be placed on YouTube for internet play.


No Refunds for any services.

Web Design 


Business Card Design Fee $30.00


  • 250 Cards (Full Color Front Only) $45.00 


VIP Pass Design Fee $35.00


Flyer Design Fee $50.00


Apple iPhone 3, 4, 4s, 5, 5s $50.00

Basic Instruction: Contacts, Email, Apps

Apple iPad $50.00

Basic Instruction: Contacts, Email, Apps


MacBook Pro Setup $100.00 

Set-up: User, Groups, Email, System Preferences, How To Operate MacBook



  • Download App and Install Music (1,000 songs) $50.00

    • Less than 2,000 mediums $75.00

    • Less than 5,000 mediums $100.00

    • 10,000 mediums or less $150.00

  • Ringtones $1.00 per tone

  • How to Connect Apple TV $25.00

  • iTunes Store Tutorial $35.00

Downloading Apps $5.00


iCloud Assistance $15.00


Application Tutorials:

  • Final Cut Pro Tutorial $250.00

  • Motion $250.00

  • iMovie $200.00

  • Logic Pro Tutorial $200.00

  • Garage Band $175.00

  • iTunes $30.00

  • App Store $25.00


Powers That B is the creative force that drives BrandeWine Entertainment. The Powers That B is the film production sector that produces, short films, commercial, music videos, club promotions, sport highlight films, and trailers. Below are the fees for the following services.



Short Film Production


Filmming: $50.00 / day (1-3 mins.)

Editing: $50.00


Filmming: $200.00 / day (2 mins .-4 mins.)

Editing: $150.00


Filmming: $230.00 / day (4 mins .-6mins.)

Editing: $180.00


Filmming: $260.00 / day  (6 mins .-8 mins.)

Editing: $220.00


Filmming: $300.00 / day (8 mins .-10 mins.)

Editing: $250.00

Club Promotions



Sports Highlight Film


DVD Rip: $100.00 / 5 DVDs 

Editing: $100.00




Editing: $75.00

Client must provide Footage via Flash Drive/ SD Card


Video/Music SlideShow (no physical photos, dvds) | Weddings, Funerals, Family Reunions, Graduations


Editing: $75.00 2-3 minutes

Client must provide Digital Footage via Flash Drive/ SD Card


Editing: $150.00 10-12 minutes

Client must provide Footage via Flash Drive/ SD Card


Editing: $200.00 15-20 minutes

Client must provide Footage via Flash Drive/ SD Card


Editing: $250.00 20-25 minutes

Client must provide Footage via Flash Drive/ SD Card


Commercial Videos


Filmming: $300.00 / day (2 mins .-4 mins.)

Editing: $200.00



Music Promo Videos/ Dance 


Filmming: $350.00 / day (2 mins .-4 mins.)

Editing: $300.00


Production Fee


DVD: $25.00  (Video & Audio)

CD (Audio): $10.00

Flash Drive: $30.00

YouTube Link: $10.00


"Creating choreography is my first love. I started choreography at the age of 8 years old. I had been choreographing dance routines for my performances along with my best friend, Melanie Green. As my skills polished, I began dancing and doing choreography for theater, and various school dance teams. By the time I was 18 years old, I became known as a great dancer and choreographer. I relocated to Houston, TX where I began doing more choreography for recording artist, dance troupes, and professional dancers." 


Brandi Williams has been dancing since the age of 4 and performing since the age of 6. She is a Memphis native who has trained in classical ballet while also studying modern, and becoming a professional in drill team/majoretting and hip-hop.

As one of the Memphis, TN and Houston, TX most respected performers/choreographers, Brandi received Best Dancer In a Theatrical Performance, and “Best Choreography” for live events.

Brandi has choreographed numerous routines for Drill Teams, Recording Artist, and professional dance teams.

Additional credits include national recognition from Maybelline, industrials for United States Twirling Association, Texas Southern University, and Alvin Ailey.

Miss Brandi also directs her Memphis based sexy, hard hip-hop based dance company TheBaddestB. An elite group of dancers, TheBaddestB is "An unrestricted, unregretful, and throw down of a dancer’s quality, and passion."

Brandi currently lives in Houston and Memphis.

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